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Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Boss

Bruce 'The Boss' Forsyth (b1949) Anglo-American singer, song-writer and entertainer. Best known for catch phrases- 'nice to see you', 'didn't he/she do well', 'your are my favourite'- and songs about the declining fortunes of the American working class. Appeared twice at Glastonbury (2009 and 2013).

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

PRINCE 2 Agile

The new agile version of the project management method formally known as PRINCE 2 has now been published, and what a godsend it is. After all, just because the world has finally recognised that agile methods are a much better way to manage pretty much everything, why should you have to miss-out on the esoteric mindless over-complete bureaucratic bloat-fest that you've come to know and love, especially if you are a consultant living off your PRINCE 2 expertise.

To commemorate the birth of  PRINCE 2 Agile the EDSRF is making available a limited edition of the 'iVAX', another inspired fusion of the classic and the modern. The 'iVAX', pictured below, takes the tried-and-trusted VAX mini-computer format and brings it bang up-to-date with a docking station compatible with all iPhone and iPad devices. The discreet and stylish docking facility may be seen at the top of the left hand terminal in the picture below, where it is supporting a black iPad 6s.

As with PRINCE 2 Agile, the 'iVAX' genuinely does combine the best of both worlds, as you can now view textual data from your iPhone via a crystal clear green-screen VDU, and back-up those treasured photos on 9-track 1/4 inch magnetic tape or ANSI-standard 80-char punch cards. Air-conditioning requirements for the iVAX have been kept to a minimum by the use of 80 ns cycle time (12.5 MHz) solid-state processors implemented with emitter coupled logic (ECL) macrocell arrays (MCAs).

The iVAX model shown has two terminals, two 10.5 inch tape reels, a six-bay processing unit. The memory options range from 16KB to 256KB, enough for an entire 3.2s of music or around 498 milliseconds of video. The docking unit, shown in close-up below, ergonomically couples the iPad to the VAX 2488 operator console, allowing the iPad to be charged from the minicomputer's 3-phase 420amp power supply.

The iVAX, combining the best in old and new in the spirit of PRINCE 2 Agile, is available to order with a six-month delivery, allowing bags of time for you to engineer some space in your machine room.

And just to prove its effectiveness, we used PRINCE 2 Agile to manage the production of this very blog post. Readers wishing to see the actual project brief, project initiation document, product descriptions, quality log, risk log, test log, highlight report, exception report, stage plan, work package docket and minutes of the stand-ups should contact me via the comment box below.