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Monday, 2 January 2017

Creative Writing- What Next?

The term 'creative writing' was coined in 1963, so in my view it is high time we had something fresh to replace it as a focus for post-modern literary development. What about its logical complement, 'destructive writing'? How might one establish a school of destructive writing? What would be the tenets of such an abstract body? Would it suffice for work to be uncreative or would it have to destroy established literary ideas to qualify as 'destructive'? Would destructive writing have a finite scope, ending when all literary ideas had been destroyed? Or could the movement evolve and progress beyond the literary vacuum into the realm of anti-writing and the production of anti-novels?

These questions, and others, I must leave a puzzled literary world to resolve, as I need to lock-up the chickens for the night before the fox gets them.

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