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Thursday, 29 December 2016

CAMEL- the Campaign for More Editing in Literature

Do poorly produced books give you the hump? Join CAMEL- the Campaign for More Editing in Literature. Launched today, CAMEL seeks to rid a tortured humanity of the phenomenon of the over-hyped, under-edited bestseller riddled with short-comings.

How often have you had this experience…

You stand in a bookshop, desperate for something decent to read. Arrayed on a table is a collection of the bookseller’s latest offerings, the pick, one assumes, of the current literary crop. No matter which you choose, its blurb describes in golden phrases the book it adorns. You trust the words on the cover. Clutching your selection you walk to the checkout, an addict needing a fix. Money is passed: the book is yours. You take your seat on your crowded train. Ignoring your sullen fellow- passengers you retreat into your private world of literary appreciation, turning the pristine pages of your purchase. And then, they hit you- breaking through your willingly suspended disbelief come the cliché, the pleonasm, the syntactical gaffe, the gratuitously invented irrelevant detail, the misplaced exposition, the inept inapt simile, the indistinguishable characters, pronoun confusion, pedestrian prose, and every other type of verbal pestilence. Confused, you turn to the back cover. Yes, it did proclaim ‘a startling literary talent’, ‘hugely accomplished’, and half-a-dozen other accolades, all of them, as you now realize, entirely misleading.

Why should a betrayed reading public suffer such injustice? Don’t let the publishers get away with it. Shame them, now. Using the comment box below, give your nomination for a book deserving the full five humps.