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Monday, 14 July 2014

Agony Aunts

The latest manifestation of the misogyny which riddles the BBC was aired this morning on Radio 4 with the announcement of a new series of radio programmes entitled 'Agony Aunts'. I didn't catch all of it as I had Obama wittering to me on the 'phone, but from what I heard I assume each programme will be a review and critique of the work of a female journalist, beginning with Irma Kurtz. How the BBC continues to get away with singling out women in this way is beyond me. Fair enough, reading anything by Irma Kurtz may be agony, but there are plenty of male journalists whose work is equally almost as painful.  It's infuriating, I know, but I suppose it may help spur on those, like myself, who have for so long been tireless campaigners for women's rights that they wonder if they can be bothered making the effort any more.

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