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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Glib Dems

At the House of Commons this morning a harassed and despondent Nick Clegg entered the gentlemen's toilets as I was washing my hands in preparation for leaving them (the toilets that is, not the hands). I acknowledged his presence with a fractional nod towards his reflection in the glass above my sink. After the customary preliminaries- his fawning, mine perfunctory and austere-  an impromptu consultation took place in which he sought my advice on the best way to counter the portrayal of his party as superficial and ill-prepared which was gaining currency following his decision to publish only the cover of the Lib Dem election manifesto. Looking him squarely in his tear-moistened eye I told him that the only course of action was the obvious one- he should publish the remaining page as soon as possible.


  1. I was privy to that conversation being in the cubicle next to the prophylactic dispenser, in Commons parlance - the Bell weekender - and I don't think Clegg realised that because, as the door shut behind you, he gave out a muted sob saying ' if only we had one'.

    1. Well said! Wish I'd thought to add that. EdS

    2. But what you both didn't see after you both left was Clegg weeping in the corner, grabbing at a single piece of toilet tissue and pleading with me to try and formulate some ideas, after he asked me for a pen!


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