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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bo Xi Lies

The following statement was issued today by solicitors McBeeny, O'Shea, and Durmin (LLP) on behalf of Essay Den Sushing.

Professor Den Sushing has asked us to make clear to his readership and to the wider public that he denies categorically having received any bribe, kick-back, perk, back-hander, tip, sweetener, or any other form of illegal or unethical inducement from the Chinese former government official Bo Xi Lai. Payments made by the Chinese government to the charity established and run by Professor Den Sushing* were just that- charitable donations to a good cause, made 'in gratitude' for the Professor's contribution to Chinese economic policy development. No further statement will be made upon the matter, either by the Professor or by us.

*The Essay Den Sushing Research Foundation, Nassau, Bahamas- Ed

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