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Saturday, 24 August 2013


The Essay den Sushing Foundation accepts no responsibility in law or otherwise for the content of the classified advertisements below. To contact an advertiser leave their box number and your email address as a comment below.


Top Secret. Directory of Russian Intelligence contacts. Current as of June 2013. 776KB in total. Good provenance- ex Edward Snowden. $20,000 US ono. Box 4983.
Restricted. Parts list for Type 93 torpedo (Current RN model). Provided in clear. Some water damage. £50 or part ex w.h.y. Box 5302.
Unclassified. Of interest to collector, rare draft of unpublished Diffie-Hellman critique of RSA. 300Euro. Box 5317.
(Top Secret). Details of datagrams used to salt password encryption hashes for Chinese internal security systems. $3m. No offers. Box 5393.
Unclassified. Encrypted address book believed to be ex Julian Assange. Cypher key missing, hence  reduced to £25. Offers considered. Box 5402.
Top Secret. Memory stick copy of hard drive from David Miranda lap-top . Genuine ex- Met Police. First to see will by. A steal at £495. Box 5408.
No classification. Decryption service. Any code cracked. No cipher too short. Call for prices. Box 5411.


Top Secret $300 per line
Secret $200 per line
Restricted $50 per line
Unclassified Free

Copy deadline. Noon (GMT) on Wednesdays for publication Saturday. Cash payments only, to EDSF, PO Box 0001, Nassau, Bahamas.

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