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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Quantum leery

You hear so much rubbish about quantum theory. No, that’s not sounding right. Start again…
You read so much rubbish about quantum theory. No, still not sounding right. Lean back a bit in chair to lend some mental distance from the words. Got it…

You hear and read so much rubbish about quantum theory. When I did the first PhD only physicists, mathematicians and a few theoretical chemists had heard of quantum theory, and none of them pretended to understand it. Now it’s known to economists, TV presenters, lifestyle gurus, artists, and any sort of faux intellectual, and they’d all have you believe they understand it. You can even read it in those crank books, with some idiot suggesting that Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle accounts for your mood swings, while the superposition of states explains why you can never quite make up your mind about the new wallpaper.  

To put the matter straight I’m about to publish the latest book, where I take you through quantum theory bit by bit so even your thick old granny could follow it. It’s to be called ‘Quantum Theory in 66,261 Easy Steps’. Hardback copies signed by the author are available for a small premium. Leave your email address as a comment below.


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