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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Random Comedy Kernels

Being cursed with an over-creative talent for comedy, I am periodically surfeited with ideas for articles or sketches that I do not have the capacity to exploit. The period in question is about 14 days, or one half of a lunar month. As a result, every fortnight, or thereabouts, I will disgorge into this blog a selection of comedic nuggets for you, my readership, to refine and bring to market as jewels of the comedy world.

The agreeable economists. Conventionally economists are thought to argue and disagree. Cliché has it that ten economists will have at least eleven different opinions on any subject. In this sketch ten economists fall-over each other in their fawning attempts to agree. This could optionally be set as a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Obama junior. Barrak Obama's son talks with his young friends in the portentious manner used by his father for major speeches.

Father Asereht. The opposite in all respects to Mother Theresa.

Jeremiah Clarkson. A Babylonian reviewer of chariots, farm carts, etc.

Lab-Con coalition. The UKIP gains so many of the available seats at the next general election, and the Liberal Party so few, that the Labour and Conservative parties are forced into an uncomfortable coalition. They put on a show of unity of unparalleled insincerity.

Disclaimer. While the ideas presented above are the scrapings from the bottom of Prof. Den Sushing's brain barrel, the Professor nonetheless reserves the right to exploit them himself if he runs so desperately short of inspiration that they seem a better bet than all his other corny musings.

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